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Social media marketing for small business case study.

How we used Facebook lead generation advertising to grow our client's email marketing database by 28% in 3 months.

The social media marketing brief

As a subscription based platform, our client Reaction relies on email marketing to attract new customers in order to share regular updated and 'warm up' their leads to push them toward a subscription. They came to us for support in bolstering their email database, in order to grow the number of potential subscribers they could bring into their small business. As they don't have any internal marketing resource, we were tasked with both content creation as well as online advertising in order to help them with this project.

What we delivered

We began by developing a set of customer creatives, which outlined the main call to action - sign up to the mailing list. We used bold brand colours to capture attention and deliver a consistent brand message. to get the best results from our social media marketing campaign, we created 3 advert variations, to make sure we were testing to find the most effective creative. 


Our testing didn't stop there. We also developed a set of audiences to test for the campaign, modelled around the client's target audience data gathered through Google Analytics and external research. This audience selection was designed to cover both a wide reach to let Facebook's algorithm find efficiencies, whilst also more targeted groups to increase relevance. This included a broad audience, news interests, politics interests, and retargeting for previous site visitors.

Social media marketing campaigns like this don't need to be expensive. We initially launched this particular paid social campaign with a small budget of just £200 per month, with the goal of delivering at least 100 new leads into the client's database at an average cost per lead of £2.

What were the campaign results?

The performance of this campaign far exceeded the initial targets. In the first month of the social media marketing campaign we had delivered over 350 new email contacts, at an average cost per lead of just £0.52. As a result, we were able to help our client grow their email marketing database 9% in the first month alone, despite spending just £200. So what does this mean for the business? They now have a more robust audience list to send their email marketing campaigns, and through driving more subscriptions they now have more budget to invest back into social media marketing to grow the brand.

For all of our clients we aim to provide cost-effective marketing services that help to fund themselves, meaning that we can enable growth through ROI, rather than just throwing large marketing budgets at the business to make it grow.

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