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Small business email marketing services in Hackney, London

Connecting Dots is a marketing agency based in Hackney, London. Our agency is built to help small businesses grow using effective email marketing strategies

If your small business isn't currently running email marketing campaigns then you should certainly consider including them within your strategy. Email marketing campaigns can provide impressive return for minimal investment by building effective email marketing funnels to nurture warm leads and turn them into customers. Email marketing is also great at retaining loyalty from past customers by providing relevant content and offers that will re-engage your and create a two-way conversation, enabling you to get to know your audience better.

Promote your small business

Convert leads into sales

Re-engage past customers

Cold email marketing

Targeted cold emails are an effective way of attracting an effective customer base that will drive conversions and maximise ROI. We can build out a list through lead generation, then target these users through our marketing campaigns.


Date-driven campaigns are at the heart of our strategy, paired with tailored targeting lists and carefully monitored A/B testing to ensure you’re always getting optimal results.

Warm re-engagement email 

Warm re-engagement email campaigns use data-driven strategy to connect with previous clients and nurture them into re-convert as many times as possible. This work particularly well with seasonal promotions and exclusive offfers.

Whether you’re looking for new customers or trying to re-engage past ones, Connecting Dots email campaigns include strategy consultation and close-ongoing monitoring to guarantee results.

Email marketing with Connecting Dots: How it works

Take a look through our comprehensive guide of how we use email marketing to grow small businesses’ client bases and create customer loyalty.

1: Our Hackney-based marketing agency has a proven approach to cold and warm marketing campaigns that help attract new customers and retain previous ones. Through these steps, we will set your small business up for success through your email marketing campaigns, even if it's not something you've done before.

2: Did you know that even button shape has been proven to affect email click through and conversion rates in email marketing campaigns?

We test every element of each campaign, tweaking copy, visuals, layout, subject lines (and button shape) until your email campaign is as optimised as possible. This helps create a timely, effective and appealing communication channel with your customers, increasing your businesses’ Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

3: Nobody likes a spam email. Connecting Dots has a proven email marketing strategy designed for small businesses that uses A/B testing, UTM tracking and tailored targeting to create impressive email marketing campaigns.

Use email marketing to maximise ROI for your small business

Email marketing is an essential tool for any small business. 


At Connecting dots, multichannel marketing campaigns always include email marketing. We see everyday how effective these campaigns can be in delivering maximum return for minimal investment.  

Where we stand out from other agencies is our bespoke strategy for small businesses. We want to create email marketing campaigns that speak specifically to your ideal customer base and encourages them to come back time and time again.

How email marketing can benefit your business

+ Attract your ideal customers

+ Generate high value leads

+ Re-engage previous customers

+ Increase your return on investment

Our data-driven marketing campaigns ensure you can see the results first hand. Avoid the spam folder and create email marketing campaigns with proven value with Connecting Dots. Automation assists our email campaigns, but each bespoke email marketing strategy ensures your customers will never receive anything but the highest quality email content. 

Our email marketing methodology to for your business

Targeting and list building

Whether you want to target by location, age, industry or something else we generate bespoke targeting lists that turn prospects into leads.

Content strategy consultation

Small businesses have the ability to connect deeply with customers. We want to know everything about your business, right down to your USPs and ideal customer base. Content strategy workshops are an important way of ensuring we’re on the same page. Meet our expert copywriters and put your story in their hands to create content tailored to your target market.

Email marketing software

We use Mailchimp to automate our email process. This slick software enables us to send out emails at scale whilst tracking A/B testing and data points such as click through or email rate to ensure peak optimisation. 

Lead handling and compliance

Email marketing is a great channel of communication with your customers. They want to hear from you, not us so we use special domain and email addresses with your company name, logo and details attached. We stay strictly behind the scenes. Every part of our email marketing strategy is compliant with the latest EU regulations including GDPR and E-privacy.

Are you ready to discuss an email marketing project for your business?

We’re always eager to speak to small businesses about branding projects and help you realise your vision. If you’d like to get up to speed with branding, then get in contact with us for a free consultation.

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