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Small business branding services in Hackney, London

Branding agency in Hackney, offering branding packages for small businesses and startups.

Whether you’re launching a new small business or transforming an existing one, our branding services will set you up for success. We offer our services to start ups and existing businesses, to help you drive maximum value through your business' brand.

Appeal to your target audience

Build recognition and trust

Drive long-term value

Branding for a new business

You’ve got a great idea for a new small business, now it’s time to build your brand. Our new business branding services will equip you with a professional brand identity, to build trust and credibility, whilst helping you appeal to your ideal target audience. Once the branding is set up for your small business, you will have a consistent theme that run through your marketing activity, setting your business up for growth.

Rebranding an existing business

A brand refresh can help to kickstart your business’ performance, change your position within the market and attract new, more valuable customers. Our rebranding packages will help elevate your business and take it to the next level, offering a fresh identity that runs through your marketing channels.

Why is branding important for a small business?

When executed correctly, your brand acts as a true representation of your business and it’s vision. A great brand will help you to build an engaged and loyal customer base that provides your business with long-term value and sets you up to grow. Branding is far more than just a logo, which we delve into in our blog post 'Why branding is important for small businesses.

Read our blog post 'why branding is important for small businesses

We base our branding work on a set of core principles

Our branding principles

+ Professional

You don't have to be a new business to benefit from our branding services. In fact, this work could have an even greater impact for brands who have been around for a while, but need a refresh. Do you feel your current brand is outdated? If so, we can support you by carrying out the research into whether your brand is no longer as effective as it should be and how it could be updated to help your business grow. Take a look at our branding case study below to get a feel for how we could update your brand, like we did for one of our existing clients.

+ Recognisable

+ Insight driven

+ Relevant

Do you believe that your small business could benefit from this type of branding? If so, we could create some great work for you. For each of our small business clients we follow a specific branding process as well as 10 principles for good branding. This enables us to ensure your brand is set up with attention to the finger details, and ultimately gives your business the best chance of success.

Our small business clients benefit from branding that is driven by a strategy focused on market insight.

Learn how we rebranded our small business client The Flooring Company, to help them reach a new market segment and demonstrate a premium brand image. As a result of our branding services, we helped them achieve an uplift in their social media following, website engagement and most importantly sales enquiries.

“We’re so happy with our updated brand from Connecting Dots. They took the time to understand our business and target customers and provided us with brand assets that look great. We’re already seeing more business come in as a result of their work”

Paul Kirby • Founder of The Flooring Company


Rebrand for the flooring company: case study

We’re here for your brand’s ongoing journey

Social media marketing

Email marketing

Website and analytics

Beyond the successful delivery of your business’ branding package, we’re here to support you and assist continued growth. We offer brand consultancy services, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing and website and analytics services.

This means your business will not only be set up with fantastic branding, but we will also help you to achieve growth through increasing awareness and sales, to help you achieve that all important ROI.

Are you ready to discuss a branding project for your business?

We’re always eager to speak to small businesses about branding projects and help you realise your vision. If you’d like to get up to speed with branding, then get in contact with us for a free consultation.

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