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Small business marketing consultant from Hackney, London.

Small business marketing consultant from Hackney, London. Helping small business owners create effective marketing strategies.

Meet Tobie Jackson, our Head of Digital, who will act as your small business marketing consultant. Here to help with your marketing strategy, Tobie has worked with medium and small businesses over to past 10 years to deliver marketing campaigns that get results.

"As a small business owner myself, I understand that at times finding enough time for all your business' marketing efforts can fee like a losing battle. We're here to help our clients save time and money, by effectively marketing your small business to get you the results you desire".

An image of Tobie Jackson, head of digital at Connecting Dots

Tobias Jackson

Head of Digital

What do we do as your digital marketing consultants?

As your small business marketing consultants, we will cover everything needed to ensure your marketing strategy is effective and enables business growth.

Our marketing consultancy service isn't a quick fix. Our aim is to set your small business up with a solid marketing strategy that helps you focus on marketing long term, using our expertise and knowledge to ensure your business keeps heading in the right direction.

Cater to all your marketing needs

Partner with your small business

Marketing expertise and knowledge

Our small business marketing consultant services cover the following areas.

Small business marketing audit including a review of your current marketing tools, including your target customers, market, website, seo, budget an more.

Develop a marketing strategy that will help your small business achieve success, whether that's increasing sales, traffic or increasing brand awareness.

Manage your marketing channels on an ongoing basis, including your small business' social media accounts, marketing tactics, analysis of the competition and level of spend

Why does your small business need a marketing consultant?

When we speak to a small business owner like yourself, many small business owners are looking for a digital marketing consultant for similar reasons. If any of these sound like you, then we can offer you valuable assistance.

1. Nobody in my team is a marketing expert

As a small business, you are likely to have a team that's great at offering a product or service, but you don't have to money to invest in a marketing.

As your digital marketing consultants, we can bridge the gap, providing your company with the tools you need to see marketing success. We will create a long-term marketing system that enables growth, through our specialist marketing services.

2. My small business doesn't have the money to invest in marketing

Hiring a small business marketing consultant gives you access to cost-effective marketing for your business.

Even with a small investment, we will offer several ways of growing your brand, and most importantly increasing your revenue. This way you don't have to make a big investment in growing your team through hiring, but can still expect the same results at a fraction of the cost.

3. I don't know how to generate more leads for my business

When it comes to lead generation, we're subject matter experts. As your marketing consultants we will develop a strategy to generate enough leads, and avoid low quality leads.

Your marketing consultant can help, through our email marketing strategy, seo services, web design and social media efforts. Our marketing services cover all bases to set your business up for success.

Take a look at examples of our small business marketing consultant work.

We currently work with small business clients across verticals, offering our expertise to deliver successful marketing campaigns. Take a read through below to get an idea of how hiring us as your marketing consultant can help your business.

An image of a website we designed for our small business marketing client The Flooring company, on a computer.
An image of one of our social media marketing adverts on Facebook, for our client. On a mobile phone.
A mock up of a Google Ads search engine marketing advert on a phone.

Learn more about the channels included in our marketing consultant services.

Search engine marketing

Email marketing

Website and analytics

Our small business marketing consultant services are effective because they incorporate a number of marketing platforms covering the full marketing funnel. 

Have a read through our pages on these specific services to understand how we could offer value to your small business.

Interested in learning more about a small business marketing consultant?

Get in touch today for a free small business marketing consultation. This will be a quick chat with our marketing consultant around your marketing strategy and how we can help to grow traffic and sales for your brand.

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