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Google Analytics for small business case study.

Helping Engelsberg Ideas to better understand their marketing performance through GA4 setup and a custom dashboard.

The small business analytics brief

As a growing startup, Swedish client Engelsberg Ideas looked to us to help them set up analytics and conversion tracking for their newly launched website. They wanted something visual, that could be shared around the whole company, as their workforce is based in the UK and Sweden. They gave us a list of analytics data they would like to include, such as demographics, year long trends, site traffic and email leads generated.

As the business only had the older version of Google Analytics at the time as well as no conversions being tracked, they were only gathering a very limited view of their performance. We sat down together and went through their long-term goals and objectives to understand what we needed to track, and how this could be done through our digital analytics tools.

What we delivered

We first set Engelsberg up with GA4, the most recent version of Google Analytics. This was important to make sure they were using the most accurate data with enhanced data-driven attribution that GA4 offers. Google Tag Manager was used to set up their conversion tracking such as email sign ups and engaged users, so they were able to measure the most important figures for the business, that not only indicated how many people were coming to their website, but also how engaged these users were. This is crucial in any analytics project, as it helps small businesses to spend their marketing budget on users who they can build long-lasting valuable relationships with.

This data was pulled into a custom built dashboard, using Google Data Studio. We branded the dashboard using their colours and font to ensure it was on brand and recognisable to all staff. Within the dashboard we integrated a mixture of scorecards showing month on month trends, as well as long-term trend lines in graphs to give a simple snapshot of performance, which could be broken down by channel and by demographic data. 

What were the results?

The analytics work we carried out allowed the client to gain a deeper insight into their performance, as well as helping them to plan for the future and choose which metrics were going to allow them to grow. Engelsberg Ideas were delighted with the dashboard, commenting that it "perfectly captured the data that's most important to our business". As a result they've been able to save hours on weekly reporting, as they can now check results from one place, rather than having to pull the data individually from their marketing platforms.

Since completing this project we've also seen improved performance across our other marketing channels, as we are able to optimise our activity toward the channels delivering conversions. Without conversion tracking and the dashboard, the client would still have no means of monitoring which channels are contributing most heavily toward success, and as a result would be getting less results from their marketing budget. This shows the important role analytics plays for small businesses in the marketing mix, enabling you to get the most from your other channels.

In addition to analytics work, Connecting Dots offers a range of marketing services to small businesses. Take a look through more of our marketing case studies below, to see how these could form part of your strategy.

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