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Digital marketing agency for small business, based in Hackney.

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We're a marketing agency built to help small businesses grow

How we enable growth for our clients

Here at Connecting Dots, we're a digital marketing agency for small businesses, here to help you grow. We understand that a small business with a limited budget may struggle to find affordable marketing services. This is where we can help with digital marketing services, such as branding, consulting, advertising and more.

We have over 10 years of experience marketing for SMEs, running online marketing campaigns on Google Ads, managing social media marketing channels and much more. Give our team a call if you need any of our digital services; we are confident that we can take your business to new heights online.

Create a brand for your business

Grow your business' awareness

Track and measure your results

Increase traffic, sales and ROI

What makes us the best choice for small businesses?

Running a small business or start-up is hard. We understand that time and resources are often limited, and we can look after your marketing needs and help you grow. With affordable marketing services, we can help you attract new customers online whilst keeping within a small budget. Small businesses need to focus their marketing goals on specific areas so that they can spend their money wisely for the best return. Our digital marketing services are created with this in mind, ensuring our clients attract the right customers.

Coffee Shop

Our digital marketing services in Hackney

We aim to provide small businesses with a one-stop solution to their digital marketing needs. That's why we offer the full range of marketing channels for a fixed monthly cost and act as your outsourced marketing team for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own. This covers the full marketing funnel, meaning we can help grow awareness of your business online, as well as boost engagement and sales. Look through our specific marketing services below, and click through to find out more information and look at case studies from our clients.

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Branding for small businesses and start-ups

The first step in your business' marketing journey is branding. We can help create your brand guidelines, logo and tone of voice, to make sure your small business looks professional and it set up to appeal to your target audience. 

Social media marketing

We use social media marketing to boost your website's presence, introduce you to new customers and create interest and marketing leads. We will build your content and run paid marketing ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or any other social media marketing platform you'd like to test. Having this uniform approach across different platforms will communicate your business goals in the most effective way.

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Search engine marketing

Get your business online and drive potential customers to your website with search engine optimisation and marketing. We use Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), Microsoft Ads, Google My Business and more to make sure you're visible to high-intent search traffic, using this marketing to grow your sales and your business. As an ongoing service, we offer ongoing affordable search engine marketing packages to report on your results and to keep your business up to date on search engines.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way for small businesses like yours to build an ongoing relationship with your customers. We can help set up your email campaigns, whether that's a newsletter, seasonal promotion or a business update, so that customers are kept up to date.

Email marketing example on a mobile phone for an email marketing campaign.
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Website and analytics

If you're a completely new business and need to get a website up and running, our web design experts can help with that. As part of your marketing strategy, we will also install Google Analytics to track conversions and measure the results that matter. We can even set you up with a custom-built dashboard so you can share your marketing performance around the business. Many businesses fail to see the importance of a well-built website, and we love showing the benefits that it can bring.

Use our online marketing services and help your business grow

Our digital marketing services for small companies are completely flexible. Whilst we offer all of the marketing services listed above, we will work outside of these areas if it makes sense for your individual business. We have developed a marketing process that we follow for each of our clients to make sure our service is tailored to your needs. This has helped us deliver outstanding marketing results for our current clients - and we'd love to do the same for you. If you need marketing support, get in touch today for a free digital marketing consultation.

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